Winter Garden

It was such a lovely day today with the sunshine coming through the windows and snow on the ground in the morning. I have filled my small back yard with several bird feeders and humming bird feeders. Today a cute little hummingbird, one of our regular’s, was fluffed up and perched on the same vine by our arbor for most of the day. Going to the feeder often, then returning to his perch. I love watching the hummingbirds! Some day I will attempt to paint one. Staring out at the birds today and the frosted plants, must have gotten me wishing for spring because today I painted this…

Winter Garden, a 12"x40" acrylic painting. I used a good amount of modeling paste with my paint to get the texture. Considering selling this one, even though I'm in love with it.

Winter Garden, a 12″x40″ acrylic painting with palette knives. I used a good amount of modeling paste with my paint to get the texture. I’m considering selling this one, even though I’m in love with it. Making some extra cash to put back into Craft-n-Cork or more paintings would be helpful.

I’ve been wanting to make a painting with insane texture and flowers, so this is what I came up with! I love it. I’m thinking of selling it, so if anyone out there is interested, feel free to email me with an inquiry. I haven’t set the price yet. The blue paint for the sky and the paint for the brown grass in the background has a gloss finish to it. The clouds, flowers and greenery have a matte finish. It’s hard to tell from the photo cause the paint was still wet, and I’m using my phone. I will soon reach out to one of my photography friends to help give me some pointers on how to best photograph my paintings, but until then, I apologize for the less than perfect photos!

I hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving this week!

Bye for now!


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